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International Dance Week Budapest is one of the leading workshop-festivals in Europe, aiming to provide a creative platform for dancers from all over the world. It is a place to share experiences and explore new ways of gaining knowledge, to work hard and have fun. IDW Budapest is organised by SUB.LAB, a dance event production group, based in Budapest.


Peter Juhasz
Artistic Director,

Adrienn Acs
Project Director,

Jenna Jalonen
Creative Project Manager

Balázs Busa
Staff Coordinator

Dávid Mikó
Co-founder /
Former member

Teachers who have already shared their knowledge and good energies with our participants throughout IDW Budapest:
David Miko - Psycle of Movement Imagination, co-founder, former member of SUB.LAB (2012-2018)
Ching-Ying Chien - Akram Khan Company
Max Makowski - Hofesh Shechter Company
Marilena Dara - Jasmin Vardimon Compan
Peter Juhasz - Emanuel Gat Dance
Elie Tass - Les Ballets C De La B
John Simon Wiborn - Cirkus Cirkör
Natalia Iwaniec - Gaga/Dancers
Aladino Rivera Blanca - Sasha Waltz & Guests
Christine Joy Alpuerto Ritter - Akram Khan Company
Mate Meszaros - OneManCrowd;
Csaba Varga - Anton Lachky Company
Wies Van Houplines - Gaga/ Dancers
Gyula Cserepes - Cie Philippe Saire
Eszter Gal - Kontakt Budapest
Livia Balazova - Ultima Vez, Colectivo Priekopník Vevericka
Julia Robert - Jasmin Vardimon Company, Humanhood
Maria Kolegova - Ultima Vez
Viktoria Andersson - Kubilai Khan Investigations
Adrienn Acs - SUB.LAB
Purusa Sukta Das - Hatha Yoga
Milan Ujvari - Radioballet
Leif Firnhaber Pinos / Eastman - Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui

During the workshop we provide a wide variety of performances from interactive lectures to dance performances to our participants. Dancers and creations who have already been part of IDW Budapest:

SEAD Bodhi Project - Lali Ayguadé: Lucy
Mate Meszaros - Ultima Vez: Hinoki 2.0 (extract)
Zsuzsa Rozsavolgyi: Soft Tissue Balancing – interactive lecture
Gyula cserepes: The Bridge; SELFY; Late night show
Natalia Iwaniec: Birdland
SEAD Bodhi Project -Jarkko Mandelin: Beneath a falling sky
Impro Jam with live music by Gyík Music Band
Radioballet - Bea Egyes & Milan Ujvari: From the waltz to the mambo ; The Nature of Love
Kristof Varnagy: Audition 2.0 – interactive lecture
Psycle of Movement Imagination: Mitosis
Laszlo Porteleki & Aron Porteleki Concert
SEAD Bodhi Project - Sita Ostheimer : Ubuntu
Impro Jam with live music by Aron Porteleki

Each member of IDW Budapest is working as a volunteer and share their good vibes with our participants.

IDW Budapest could not have been accomplished without the support of SÍN Arts Centre, the cooperation partner of IDW Budapest.

SUB.LAB event production


This year IDW Budapest accepts the challenge to aim towards a more sustainable future.
We wish to make our festival greener and try to leave our footprints only on the dance floor!

Therefor IDW Budapest encourages the participants to

Avoid single use plastics, bring your own refillable water bottle to the festival.

Our tasty lunch is cooked by a small restaurant from fresh ingredients from the daily market without any preservatives or additives. We recommend a vegetarian lunch, but if you are craving that extra protein, don’t worry, our meat hasn’t travelled from other countries nor seen single plastic packaging.
The IDW Bar offers great homemade sandwiches, cakes, coffee, tea and lemonade from natural ingredients to keep you energized and chilled between all the hot dancing.
...and of course homemade Palinka shot to finish the day.

We keep our studios, toilets, bathrooms, bar and common spaces clean with ecological cleaning supplies to protect nature.
We recommend the use of natural soaps in the shower.

If you can re-use it, don’t toss it ! If you can’t, then find the suitable place for it amongst our recycling bins.

Our IDW 2021 T-shirt is 100% organic cotton and hand coloured with 100% natural colouring ingredients, by Balazs


Cooperation Partner of IDW Budapest:


The program is sponsored by National Cultural Fondation Imre Zoltan Program

Media Partners:

Dóra Vimola – photographer
Márton Gothár – video editor
Zoltán Molnár – video editor
Barna Tóth – video editor
Máté Batka – video editor
Judit Herbály – photographer
Annamária Sárfi – graphic designer
Plus36 Creatives – website builder
Csaba Molnár – website builder
Péter Bunda - senior developer ninja
Ofner Gergely

Music Partners:

Gyík zenekar
Áron Porteleki

Food Service Partner:

Félix Hélix Café and Restaurant

Friends of IDW Budapest
Lovely humans who supported us:

András Sugár & Piroska Sugárné Gróf
Zoltan Nagy
Aniko Racz
Dora Trifonov
Laszlo Takacs
Imre Markot
Dezso Acs
Raymond Horváth
Shaina Branfman
Dorottya Podmaniczky
Gyula Cserepes
László Mádi
Csaba Varga

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