Feedbacks from our participants

„Thank you for this wonderful week! I really enjoyed it! Your teachers are so good and super nice to work with. Also I want to say that this is the most educational workshop I did. If I can I won't hesitate to come back next year!!! Thank you so so much! Judith– Belgium”

„thank you for all! It was great!!! You're beautiful people and the week was beautiful!!! Thank you thank you thank you! ”

„Yo! IDW Team! Thank you so much for inviting me to teach at you festival. It has been really Something! Keep the creativity gang and for many years of this festival! 8000 much energy Julia Robert :)”

„Amazing classes. Amazing people. Amazing energy. Amazing food. Amazing music. Amazing EXPERIENCE!!! Thank you so much for everything. Hope to see you soon again. Hugs from Italy.”


„Hey! Thanks a lot! Everything was great: schedules,teachers, other people, and the food! Maybe see you at the next IDW! Marie”

„You have me connected to the body. I have lived this week with the movement.return to play together!! Lucia (Spain)”

„Thank you very much for this week!! Has been incredible with a very nice energy and fantastic people. Thanks for the learning and enjoyment of dance. Graciassss!!”

„Thank you. I realise that I got legs. Thank you for your welcoming and to be so nice. Take care all of you. Erwan”

„Amazeballs!! Will be back. Lots of Love from England ”

„Thank you so much for a beautiful, inspiring, crazy week! I've learn't sooooo much :D You guys are so kind and patient, thank you for being so awesome! ”

„The most intensive workshop ever, organised by the sweetest and incredible people ever! Thank you so much for this opportunity. I'll recommend to everyone :) ”

„Energy Effort. Energy Up energy Down energy Up in a wawe. Thank you for the attention and the care, for the welcoming athmosphere and the quality of everything. ”

„Super experience! It was very great!!! :D I enjoy a lott. Thank you so much!! And I hope to come back next year! MERCI!!! Love and Dance ”

„Thank you for this great experience. Only wonderful inspirations and willing to know and do more. Bravissimi!”

„It was amazing! Thank you for all this week with lots of sharing! I learned a lot! Hope to do it again! ”

„Probably the best week of the whole vacation!I've had so much fun here!!! You guys are so kind! I really love all of you!!! I've been looking forward to this week a hole year and now it is already finished again! I'll try to come back next year because I am just so happy here! Lots of Love ”

„SUPER AMAZING!!!! THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH.....! You are incredible guys) As you say to us: "don't give up", "keep going", push yourself"...:) Thank you, the best workshop I've ever did...IDW forever. <3 ”

„I have to admit, I've never sweated as much as I did here! WOW! really enjoyed this week, I've learnt a lot and I wish that I could come next year, I hope so. Thank you for this WONDERFUL experience, I will never forget this time! -XXX- Rafke (BELGIUM)”

„This workshop has been absolutely wonderful! I've learned so much and am so grateful that I was able to participate with this program. This was my first stage that I did outside of Belgium and I'll definetly want to come back cause I learned so much. (I already said this but it's just the truth)Thank you! By the way, the food was delicious, yum yum yum. I hope I'll be able to come back as soon as possible :D Alexandra from Belgium”

„Thank you very much for the warm welcoming. Thanks for the generosity and the sharing.
Keszenem from belgium.”

„The organizers were very nice and helpful, and teachers, I can tell they were trying to make
everyone feel as comfortable as possible”

„The combination of the teachers are very nice & diverse. The food was great.
The probs in the chill room were really great.”

„The crew/organizers were super sweet & super helpful.
All the organisation is really well done!
Thanks for the great week!!! :)”

„ The whole team was amazing and all the teachers were very inspiring.
It was a really great week, and I loved every second.”

„The food was perfect and the organization was so nice!
Thank you for everything Peter,Adrienn & David!”

It was a plesure to be back, please keep it as great and cheap!”

„Its really nice to see young people that organize something really good and affordable.Thank You”

„I really appreciate you effort, love and passion you put into this. Keep it up and thank you!!”

„I like that I could met new people, and the atmosphere was gorgeous. Everyone likes to talk,smile and help the others.”

„The atmosphere is really good, Im really happy that I could go here.”

„Im verry happy that I could be a pert of it again. Its beautiful to learn and having fun at same time. Thank You”

„I enjoyed the variety of classes we had and got really challenged mentally and physically :) „

„I found really really great that events were organised every evening, & it brings people together and its great way to finish an intense day of dancing!”

„Hope to see you next year”

„Great classes, great teachers! Good food. Super nice vibe, everyone is so friendly. The candy omnomn. And magnesium. I like all the dogs around the studio. Chillroom is awesome.”

„It is Thursday evening and i am dead, but is is fun!”

„It was very lovely to be here and dance in this beautiful space. You (organizers) were very supportive from the very begining and I think you are doing something great!”

„everything is clear & very well organised. I loved all the classes. The atmosphere is very opened & released.”

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