Performances 2014

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From Waltz Photo by Matyas Sarvady
Photo by Matyas Sarvady

Radioballet: Bea Egyes & Milan Ujvari

From the waltz to the mambo

This award winner solo, is a meeting of a body a text and and an object.
“From the waltz to the mambo” is combining dance, theater, and pantomime in order to create unpredictability and surpiseness in a very personal and straight forward way. What could dance or beauty have meant fifty years ago and what dose it mean today? Do we need education?
(“Public’s Prize” and “The Best Solo Prize” 2012 Budapest International SoloDuo Festival, “Public’s Final Choice” Prize 2013 Stuttgart Internationales Solo Tanz Theater Festival, “Audience Prize” 2013 Gdansk International Solo Dance Contest)

Radioballet is a platform of two hungarian independent dance artists, Bea Egyed And Milán Újvári.
After finishing her studies in the medium level Art School of Pécs and the Hungarian Dance Academy Bea Egyed became a freelance dance artist. The last couple of years she worked with several independent choreogrpahers such as, Rita Góbi, Klári Pataky, Ferenc Fehér, Eleonore Valere-Lachky and The Symptoms. Beside of her own project’s she is currently working with the Éva Duda Dance Company. After finishing his studies in the Epicentrum Dance School of Dunaújváros and the Hungarian Dance Academy Milan Újvári has been working with several companies such as Compagnie Pál Frenák, Cirque du Soleil-Delirium and Krétakör Theater. After that he became a freelancer dance artist working with choreographers like Anna Réti,Rui Horta, Nigel Charnock and Éva Duda. Beside of his own projects he teaches in several dance schools and studios in Hungrary.

Choreographed and performed by: Milán Újvári
Lights and sound: Ferenc Payer, Róbert Kormos
Music: Richard Cheese
Photo: Csaba Mészáros

Gyula Cserepes - Bridge

“Rhythm is the first information we receive. It is the bridge that guides us from the world before birth into this world when we are born. When you are in your mother’s womb, you hear the heartbeat and the flow of blood; you feel the mother’s movement and you hear the rhythm of her speech. All of that is rhythm. You are not understanding what is happening, but you are feeling rhythm. As you grow, there are millions of brain cells that have to fire in a rhythmic synchronization in order for you to understand what is happening around you. Without the senso-motoric system, you could not move or think or make any sense of the world. That you can see or hear something is all based on rhythm.”
/Reinhard Flatischler/

I believe that dance can alter one’s perception of being an individual into perceiving, that as an individual he is part of a community. The bridge is anaccessible, open situation where rhythm – this universal language – is the base for communication. Breaking the so-called “fourth wall” between audience and performer I offer a unique experience to the spectator: the sensation of the power of dancing.

Author & performer: Gyula Cserepes
Special thanks to: OFF Foundation, Budapest HU; En-Knap Productions, Ljubljana SLO; Voklsroom, Brussels BE

Gyula Cserepes Dancer, performer and choreographer of Hungarian origins bornin Bečej (former Yugoslavia). He studied at the “High-school of Folk Arts” and the “Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy”, in Budapest. Gyula is the former member of the companies: “Central-Europe Dance Theater” (HU) and “En-Knap Group” (SLO). Among other pedagogues, directors and choreographers, he has worked with David Zambrano, Anton Lachky, Milan Tomašik, Simone Sandroni, etc. As an author, his work includes the interdisciplinary, site-specific performance “Revive the Castle”, and the dance-theater show “New Age Gypsies”.

Event description:
We would like to invite IDW Budapest 2014 participants to take part and have fun in this impro jam with live music by Gyík zenekar.

About Gyík zenekar:
Gyík zenekar was established in 2012, Budapest. With an one MC , two guitars and one looper pedal comparing to anything we play something different. We give concerts, perform on festivals and in 2014 we made our very first album.

perform2016_gyik_viktor_nagy perform2016_gyik_borsa_balogh perform2016_gyik_andras_lukovich
Viktor Nagy
Borsa Balogh
Andras Lukovich

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