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During the festival we host various performances,
interactive lectures and get togethers, where all our participants are welcome!

Week 1

Welcome Evening

We would like to invite IDW Budapest 2019 participants to a get-together evening with some traditional Hungarian beverage, music and fun.

Zsuzsa Rózsavölgyi : Manual Therapy

In the past few year Zsuzsa have been giving interactive lectures to IDW Budapest participants about Soft Tissue Balancing, based on fascia anatomy, this year she will share some manual t techniques. During this lecture Zsuzsa will teach the most effective massage techniques to recalibrate the entangled fascia layers. She will teach you how you can balance your fascia meridians with movement and massage.
You will feel the change in your alignment right away and your body will start to correct itself the next couple of days.

SEAD Bodhi Project : ROUTES

Choreography by gn|mc Guy Nader and Maria Campos

ROUTES steers our attention to a journey of multiple paths inhabited by the complicity of six people that constantly defy gravity finding different strategies of cooperation that make the complex paths and situations achievable.
Through high precision partnering, dynamic constellations emphasizing a unique mass of bodies, GN|MC proposes a perceptual experience through persistence and perseverance, evoking an eternal present rooted in patterns of repetition and accumulation of oscillation creating complex mechanisms in space and time.

Extra information:

Choreography: GN | MC Guy Nader and Maria Campos
Performance: BODHI PROJECT dancers: Bernat Macià Perez, Cristina Valdivielso Garcia, Fenia Chatzakou, Elise Ludinard, Yun Liu, Jun Wang/Joan Aguila Cuevas
Lights: Frank Lischka
Production: blackmountain
Duration: +/- 40

About Bodhi Project:

Internationally touring company bodhi project is part of the blackmountain non-profit organization, an association to promote contemporary dance and performance in Austria and abroad. Its “home base” and production address is SEAD - Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance.
Guided by the artistic visionary Susan Quinn, Tanz_Haus co-founder, bodhi project's repertory is stylistically diversified and on tour throughout Europe and internationally. It showcases the artistic and technical excellence of the dancers' complex movement repertoire, demanding theatrical elements and a strong stage presence.
Internationally acclaimed choreographers Guy Nader and Maria Campos have been commissioned to create new work for the bodhi project dance company 2018/19.

About Guy Nader & Maria Campos:

GN | MC Guy Nader | Maria Campos is an independent ensemble based in Barcelona, Spain. The Lebanese and Spanish artists collaborate together since 2006; their works have been shown in various festivals and venues around the world.
GN|MC have been invited as guest choreographers to create for different European companies: EnKnapGroup in Slovenia, Eva Duda Dance Company/Movein Mission in Hungary, Tanzmainz Company in Germany. They have been awarded the German theatre prize DER FAUST 2017 for their work FALL SEVEN TIMES created with Tanzmainz, Staatstheater Mainz in Germany.
GN | MC have been developing their own artistic language through movement and constantly redefining themselves while searching for new contexts and territories for dance. Together they have drawn a common interest in the partnering work where they experiment new ways of approaching the relation between two or more bodies, developing strategies and tasks in order to provide the body a distinct image and perception.

Farewell Party

We would like to invite IDW Budapest 2019 participants to a farewell party on Friday night!

Week 2

Welcome Evening

We would like to invite IDW Budapest 2019 participants to a get-together evening with some traditional Hungarian beverage, music and fun.

Aniko Racz: The Beauties and Burdens of Networking

Interactive lecture

Anikó Rácz, the international relations manager of SÍN Arts Centre will give you a brief insight into how to develop an international professional network, starting from the very beginning. A brief, interactive journey into the practical but very necessary aspects of developing an artistic career.

Collective Dope: BEAT ‘ I just wish to feel you ‘

Collective Dope
BEAT ‘I just wish to feel you’

One of the most essential human connection is touching. Our life begins in the womb of our mother the most intimate place for a human being. After being born we are staying in close physical contact with our parents until the moment of separation. This caring through physical contact, feeling and touching has a enormous effect on our psychological and sociological skills.

For the millennial generation the physical encounters are becoming less and less regarding these essential forms of connections with others around us. In our accelerated world of new media, endless choices and possibilities we spend fewer time physically with our families and friends. When we swipe form left to right and communicate with many people simultaneously we barely notice the loss of real interactions. From a far distance we are followers, fans and voyeurs while reinventing ourselves as on-screen-superhuman. These new ways of connecting make us feel that we are deeply related with others, while we are missing real encounters, handshakes, hugs and movements that communicate our true feelings.

Jenna Jalonen aka triplejay and Jonas Garrido Verwerft, a contemporary dancer and a b-boy, are investigating together in this topic through a physical and emotional aspect of the ‘dead body’ -partnering quality. Constantly changing roles as the passive and active, manipulator and the manipulated, the two bodies barely disconnect from each others touch.
Reflecting to different human behaviours and position in relationships. By using their individual strong movement and dance backgrounds, the artists are creating physical, acrobatic yet very intimate duet that leaves freedom for the witness to have their own associations and stories.

The human voice, like physical contact, can express many forms of intimacy and intention; the two often act together where one can complement or contradict the other. The texture of the voice and the quality of the movement suggest what something means and how it is perceived.
At birth our voice already plays a crucial role. It is the primal form of self expression as we enter this world and the first important communication of one’s existence and state, not conscious but spontaneous.
For this reason, the human voice is taken as central part of the musical composition and performance which will be performed live by Adrian Newgent aka Modern Errors, together with the dance. Using technology designed for live musical performance, the voice (sound) is recorded, looped, layered and transformed as a reaction or intentional contradiction to the movement on stage and will form the base of the music. Nonetheless it is the raw organic quality and physical manifestation of the voice and movement which defines the auditory experience.
Next to the microphone used by the sound artist, there are microphones placed on stage with the dancers in order to capture the sound of their movement to be used with the composition. With other words: anything the dancers do has the potential to become part of the music as well.

Concept, creation, performance: Jenna Jalonen, Jonas Garrido Verwerft
Live sound composition: Adrien Newgent
Dramaturgy: Alexander Vantournhout
Production manager: Cynthia Schenkels
Production Assistant: Janka Vámos
Production: Collective Dope, Straatrijk
Co-Production: Workshop Foundation
Support: Life Long Burning, EMMI, NKA, Ultima Vez, Stad Leuven

The project is supported by European Union Culture Program

Farewell Party

We would like to invite IDW Budapest 2019 participants to a farewell party on Friday night!

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