Class Description

Photo by Daniel Dömölky
Csaba Varga
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I’ve been encountered many different moving forms. I aim to apply those principals of these movement languages which I find the most significant. I’m interested in movements which are dynamically diverse, specific in coordination or rhythmically unique. For dancers it is essential to be in excellent physical condition to be able to execute whatever their imagination asks from their body, so the goal of my training is to give physical and technical base to be able to perform the things we work on later.
First we start with a warm up: a leaded improvisation in which we gradually increase the size, speed and difficulty of the movements, using the floor, the air, the space, the tension of the body. We continue with a physically challenging training which strengthens and prepares our body for the following technical (floor and aerial) part. Finally we take time to learn a complex phrase and work on the subtle details; mechanics, coordination, logic, links, dinamic and more.

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