Photo by Giulia Ferrando
Chloé Beillevaire
Ultima Vez / Backsteinhause Produktion

Chloé fell into contemporary dance at the age of seven. In 2011, after studying four years at the CNSMD of Lyon, she began working with different company; Cie Ando/Davy Brun, Artopie/Santucci Saillot, DIEM Dance Image/Yutaka Nakata, Poetic Punkers, Olivier Dubois/Ballet du Nord and Garage29/Sabina Scarlat.
In 2013, she has been working with Ultima Vez/Wim Wandekeybus in Brussel, creating and performing in Spiritual Unity, Rage of staging and Speak low if you speak love.
In 2016 she join the Backsteinhaus produktion in Germany with the projects Wolfgang, Superbia and Nosferatu. At the same time, she participated in the theater play Screen from Rudy Trouvé et Simon Allemeersch in Antwerpen, she is passing the repertoire of Speak low if you speak love to le Groupe Grenade/Josette Baïz and regularly teaches workshops and classes.
She is actually touring with the Backsteinhaus produktion and in creation with le GDRA Christophe Rulhes & Julien Cassier on the production Selve.

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