Bérengère Bodin

Studying in the promotion 2000 in Angers in the Center National of Contempory Dance, she
participates in the creation of Carlos Cueva (Grotowsky) with Don Juan in Colombia. After
school, she creates one company called Fata Morgana with a trio dedicated to Samuel Beckett: les mains moites (2001).
She joins the companies of Raimund Hoghe with Young people, old voices (2002), Joëlle
Bouvier with De l’Amour (2002) and Ce que la nuit raconte au jour (2007), Nod Dance Cy with
Vice-Versa (2003). She meets Carolyn Carlson and Euan Burnet Smith for The connected Curved (2005), the Kubilai Khan Investigation with 24/24, JoJi Inc Cy with Machinations" (2009) and Musée en chantier (2011), the company of Isabella Soupart with KOD (2007), Collision(s) (2009), and After Words (2015). She collaborates with Robyn Orlin for her museums's series with Babysitting Petit Louis in the Louvre (2009), and Babysitting Tête de cire in the museum musée of Beaux-Arts in Lille (2012). She starts in les Ballets C de la B with Primero (2010) from Lisi Estaras, then with Alain Platel in C(h)oeurs (2012-Teatro Real of Madrid), Tauberbach (2015- Kammerspiele in Munich) and Nicht Schlafen (2016-The Ruhrtriennale). She meets Christophe Marthaler in the Ruhrtriennale in 2018 with Univers Incomplete. With Kurt d’Haeseleer, Je connais des gens qui sont morts she co-created a performance and visual installation (2009-filmfestival de Gand). She assists Lisi Estaras on the woman performance Leche (2013-Kortrijk). For the contemporary musical Silbersee, she directs one opera from L. NONO Met de dood voor ogen (2011- Rotterdam) and invents a solo with the painter Ludo Winkelman She 's Me (2014-Rotterdam). She makes the
choreography for the theatrical pieces from Emmanuel Dekoninck l’écume des jours (2013-Bruxelles) and Aura Popularis (2014-Bruxelles). With the museum of Contemporary Art from Birmingham, she fences Be Festival with an event Look, I am a masterpiece ! (2010), and answered to the first invitation of Passerelle with Je suis un palimpseste et ce n'est pas un animal ! ... (2013) in collaboration with Nicolas Marie.
She discovers her interest to create for and with children with the trio of kabinet K Babbel (2015).
She composes with Arno Synaeve and Lenneke Rasschaert a group of pilot kids (8-9ans), to
create Une catastrophe fantastique 1 and 2 in Kopergietery (2016-2017-Gand).
She starts a research with the composer Jamie Man for the opera project White rabbit (2019) with Het Lod. A vos souhaits ! Alstublieft ! is a tryptic of 3 solos for the second invitation in passerelle. She choreographed the third part of an experimental movie Nous trois with Cacao Bleu.

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