Photo by Daniel Dömölky
Jenna Jalonen

Jenna Jalonen aka triplejay was born in Finland, educated in Hungary and currently based in Belgium. After her studies in classical ballet at the Finnish National Opera Ballet School and Hungarian Dance Academy in Budapest, she changed to the field of contemporary dance and performing arts.
She has been dancing for and creating together with several international companies and choreographers since 2010 such as Eva Duda Dance Co., Central Europe Dance Theater, Kubilai Khan Investigations, Kwaad bloed/Ugo Dehaes, fABULEUS, Thierry de Mey, Theater Bremen, Máté Mészáros, Untamed Productions, Notch Company/Oriane Varak and HODWORKS.
Currently she is performing with Beatrix Simko with their production Long time no see! which was part of the official program of Festival d’Avignon 2018 and is one of the selected productions at Aerowaves twenty19 Spring Forward.
As an artist Jenna has been inspired by urban dance styles, house dance, acrobatics, circus,
parkour and contact improvisation which are toys for her in the limitless playground of contemporary dance. She is teaching and developing triplewave, a movement practice inviting the dancer to enter a trip using the mechanics of a wave in the body though different dance styles and dynamics in the body. She has been sharing this movement practice in Open Training Budapest, SUB.LAB Workshops and is official member of the Flying Bodies Team.
Besides her artistic field Jenna is the co-founder and driver of Collective Dope, a contemporary dance and performing arts collective currently in creation for the second production BEAT ‘ I just wish to feel you’ which is a continuation in a trilogy after DOPE ‘I just wish to help you’.

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